Limitless Ticketing

Limitless Ticketing

Limitless Ticketing


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Make your ticketing Yours.

Ticketing is at the heart of your event.
Unlimit your imagination and offer unrivaled experiences to your ticket buyers.

Personalize It To Your Needs

All you ever dreamt to do for your ticketing, now you can also build it.

Ooval personalized ticketing

Engaging & At Your Control

Your event, Your data. Build a relationship with your ticket buyers.

Ooval fan data

Leverage Web3 Where It Matters

Web3 puts in charge of your ticketing, offering you infinite possibilities

Ooval web3 ticketing

Flexbile. Easy.
Ready for the future.

No matter what your jam is, let your imagination loose & use Web3 ticketing!

Secondary Market

Turn the secondary market to your advantage by using Web3!


Get accurate data about who your truly fans are!

Bulletproof Security

Use the blockchain and Web3 to you advantage!

Changing the Status Quo

Ticketing 2.0
Ticketing 3.0

Ticketing Fraud & Scalping

Professional ticket brokers, Software BOTs, Fraud. For decades tickets was plagued by mafia tactics.

Fraud-proof & Effortless Ticketing

The VIVE blockchain ticketing system ensures the uniqueness of each ticket is fraud-proof by default.

Expensive & Inefficient Ticketing

Current system are unreliable, expensive and dissapoint vendors and fans on regular basis.

Reliable & Easy Ticketing

The VIVE system makes sure you and your fans receive a best in class ticketing solution.

Cluncky, old ticketing systems

Current systems are outdated, cluncky and offer a horrendous experience for you as an organizer.

Frictionless & State of the art

Thanks to our top ticketing experience, vendors benefit from high customer satisfaction.


Built by a team from top global organizations turned Web3 builders.

Astonishing ticketing
powered by Web3

Viventum combines the most powerful classical ticketing software
with the most innovative web3 technologies.